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"I don't believe in art. I believe in artists."​

Marcel Duchamp

The best way to support art is to support the artist financially. Create possibilities for them to showcase their work, thinking, and creations.

At the SUPPORT4.ART foundation we create possibilities. By downloading the SUPPORT4.ART app from the app store you sponsor with the price of the app. In Europe, this is 4 euro.  This money goes directly into the foundation so we can support the artists. A special board within the foundation will select the artists and the different projects to allocate funds for them.


There are two groups in the app: the artists and the art lovers.

The artists will use the app to upload their work to the foundation for reviews. Also, the artist can contact the foundation about the projects they would like to participate in.  The art lovers support by buying the app and also will be updated about all the different projects and new artists within the foundation. Of course, extra donations can be made at all times. Also, companies and organizations are involved with this foundation to support and make funds available. 

The International Board of Curators:

Frans Oomen, art collector based in Amsterdam

Lars Schwander, Artist based in Denmark

Stephanie Manaseseh, Owner of the Accessible Art Fair based in Brussels

Wendie Gers, Art curator based in London

Perry Knoppert, founder based in Brussels